Consignment Store North Vancouver

Consignment Store North Vancouver

Five Things To Note When Considering Selling Through A Consignment Store In North Vancouver

If you wish to increase your customer base or multiply the outlets peddling your products but do not want to spend money on rent, paying salaries and other forms of overhead, then you can consider selling through a consignment store. Selling via consignment offers tremendous advantages for both the retailer and the goods owner. On the part of the retailer, they get to increase their inventory, hence improving the look of their store, without having to spend their money for the purchase of goods. While for you, the goods owner, you get to sell your products without having to pay for storage space or salaries, and you also get to sell in different locations and markets.

In consigning, the retail store owner accepts your goods and displays them in the store. If the product sells, the store owner will give you the money after taking off the agreed percentage. The retailer takes between 25 to 50 percent of the cost of the goods. This percentage is dependent on the type of merchandise or store that retails it.

Below are five things to bear in mind when considering selling through a consignment store in North Vancouver;

1) Check the shop out:

Before releasing your goods to a consignment store in North Vancouver, you need to visit the store and talk a walk around it. Look around the store the same way a customer would do. Assess the look and appearance of the store. If you are not impressed by what you see or feel then chances are customers may feel the same way. And if customers do not feel or enjoy the store then there is a very slim chance of your goods getting sold.

2) Look out for similarity in merchandise:

Before picking a consignment store in North Vancouver ensure that the store sells products similar to what you are offering. This helps to improve your chances of a sale, as you can leverage the retailer’s customers who are already familiar with what the retail shop sells.

3) Choose a store that enjoys tremendous traffic:

Before opting for a consignment store ensure that the store enjoys adequate traffic and attracts a large number of buyers. This improves your chance of getting your products sold. The location of a consignment store will go a long way in determining its traffic. A store located in a secluded place will likely be deprived of customers compared to one that is sited on a busy road.

Find a store that enjoys a lot of buyers and is located in a good spot. This will prevent your goods from gathering dust all years round.

4) Arrange for a favorable location within the store:

In business, location is everything. When you finally pick a consignment store in North Vancouver, ensure that your goods are displayed in the line of customer’s traffic. If your goods are hidden away in some secluded location where customers hardly pass then the chances of a sale will fall drastically. The better the location, the better the chances of a sale.

5) Set a time period for sale:

After giving your goods to the consignment store, place a time frame for the sale of your goods. If your goods do not get sold within this period, then take them out of the store. Perhaps your choice of the store was erroneous or their location isn’t working with your products. Rather than allowing your goods to remain there gathering dust, give another store a try.


Consignment Store North Vancouver
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